Cyber resilience for the modern enterprise

According to Microsoft, it can take less than 48 hours for attackers to gain complete control of a network. As your business becomes increasingly dependent on technology, a necessary position for success, it is also important to become increasingly proactive in your approach to cyber resiliency. With cyber related incidents costing an average of $141 per lost … Continued

How Microsoft is Using AI to Make Sense of Numbers

“When people in the United States ask Microsoft’s search engine Bing how big Syria is, they learn the country is 71,498 square miles and about equal to the size of Florida. When they ask Bing how many calories are in a serving of ice cream, they learn that a scoop contains 137 calories, which is … Continued

How the Cloud is Transforming Financial Services

“Financial services organizations are at a transformational tipping point. Faced with fierce market pressures – nimble disruptors, complex regulations, digital native customers – technology transformation in the industry is essential, and it’s increasingly becoming a competitive edge. Firms leading the charge into this new era are transforming customer experiences, fostering a new culture of work, … Continued

4 Simple Tips for Internet Safety

As a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed by the steps it takes to protect an IT infrastructure from the security risks associated with using the internet. The ways in which a hacker may attempt to enter your network through the internet are numerous. Creating a security conscious team is one step you can take … Continued

How Gallup uses Microsoft 365 Enterprise

“Gallup has been synonymous with public opinion polling since the 1930s. Today it’s also considered a global leader in advanced analytics, providing advice to organizations and individuals to help solve challenging problems. When Gallup pioneered the employee engagement movement, it introduced innovative tools for measuring how workplaces inspire the people in them. So, when it … Continued

Top 10 data security tips for small business

Yes, the issue is that big and the stakes are that high. According to Security Magazine, “It is estimated that 60 percent of hacked SMBs go out of business only after six months.” There are two things to keep in mind as you noodlle on that last statistic: 1) not all security breaches are necessarily cyber-related, … Continued

Digital transformation is a small business top priority

Digital transformation, as defined by Constellation Research, is “the methodology in which organizations transform and create new business models and culture with digital technologies.” Digital transformation is imperative for all businesses. It encourages the use of innovation and new business models and improves the experience of employees, customers, partners and stakeholders through the use of … Continued

What does your business stand to lose in a cyber attack?

How are cyber crooks getting in? While highly complex cyber attacks are increasing, the Cisco report notes that “classic” attacks are on the rise as well. For example, adware that gathers information about a user’s computer without telling them and malicious spam emails are common attack methods. In fact, spam is flying at levels not … Continued