Monthly Archives: October 2016

Office 365 October news—exciting new value coming to Windows 10

On October 26, 2016, Microsoft announced the Windows 10 Creators Update coming in early 2017, as well as stunning new devices: Surface Studio, Surface Dial and Surface Book with Performance Base. At the event on Oct. 26th, Satya Nadella, Terry Myerson and Panos Panay showcased innovations to the Office apps that are coming first to Windows and brought to life … Continued

Bring in business 24/7 with Microsoft Bookings

As a business owner, you know that scheduling appointments with customers can take a lot of your time. Sending emails back and forth, playing phone tag and reminding people to show up can clutter your day and keep you from the more important work of growing your business. To help make appointment scheduling simpler and … Continued

What is ransomware and how to protect your business from this threat:

Ransomware is malware that attacks and encrypts your business’ most valuable information (denial of service attack) and demands a fee or ransom in order for the information to be released. Ransomware can reach users in many forms, i.e. emails, advertisements, and webpages-just to name a few.     According to sbnonline “From April 2014 to June 2015, 992 victims had reported more than $18 million in losses to … Continued