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A New Strain of Ransomware Targets U.S. and Canada

According to Datto, a new strain of ransomware known as Ryuk is targeting specific organizations across the United States and Canada. So far, four Canadian healthcare organizations and The Onslow Water and Sewer Authority in North Carolina have been attacked. Ransomware can be particularly frustrating to organizations because sometimes, even if the ransom is paid, … Continued

Host Live Events in Office 365

Engage with your employees by hosting a live on-demand event, town hall or meeting in Microsoft Stream, a new feature available in Office 365. Invite attendees to connect, host the live event using a webcam, a shared screen or studio quality-production equipment, and then save the recording to Stream, Yammer or Microsoft Teams to make it easily … Continued

Make Group Scheduling Easier with FindTime

FindTime is an Outlook add-in that simplifies connecting multiple people for meetings and events that can’t see each other’s availability. This add-in uses a polling model to allow attendees to vote on their preferred times, suggest new times, and ultimately decide when to meet. Read more about FindTime on the Microsoft blog. 

Attack Simulator – a New Feature in Office 365

Microsoft has built security measures in Office 365 to provide customers with protection from threats like security scams and suspicious links. But did you know they have added a new security feature – the Attack Simulator? The Attack Simulator allows admins to launch realistic attacks at specific end users in order to monitor their behavior … Continued

New Features in Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft recently added new features to Outlook to help keep important tasks on the top of your to-do list. One new feature is bill pay reminder. According to Microsoft, “Outlook will identify bills you receive in email, show you a summary at the top, and automatically add a calendar event on the due date. You … Continued

How Technology Can Fuel Teamwork

Microsoft recently surveyed more than 14,000 people from seven countries in various stages of their career to learn how forces like gender and generation shape collaboration preferences and habits at work. After analyzing the results, Microsoft found that creating a single shared workspace, cultivating engagement across the organization, and using data to work smarter, all … Continued

Microsoft Makes Updates to Features in Office 365

In March, new desktop features were added to Excel Online. Updates include, new cloud-connected data types with AI capabilities, the ability to delete rows and columns to analyze and format data, and more. According to the Microsoft blog post by Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365, Kirk Koenigsbauer: “With added AI capabilities, Excel can now … Continued

Advancing creativity and teamwork in Office 365

Microsoft has added new capabilities to Office 365 for advancing creativity and teamwork in the modern workplace including an AI-powered Editor in Word, which improves the process of content creation, an AI-powered Resume Assistant in Word, which helps users craft compelling resumes, and the ability to add anyone as a guest in Microsoft Teams. Learn more … Continued

Cyber resilience for the modern enterprise

According to Microsoft, it can take less than 48 hours for attackers to gain complete control of a network. As your business becomes increasingly dependent on technology, a necessary position for success, it is also important to become increasingly proactive in your approach to cyber resiliency. With cyber related incidents costing an average of $141 per lost … Continued

How Microsoft is Using AI to Make Sense of Numbers

“When people in the United States ask Microsoft’s search engine Bing how big Syria is, they learn the country is 71,498 square miles and about equal to the size of Florida. When they ask Bing how many calories are in a serving of ice cream, they learn that a scoop contains 137 calories, which is … Continued